Newsletter of the Friends of the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome

A note for readers

The Cemetery’s Newsletter is published four times a year in English and Italian versions. It gives news about progress in looking after the monuments and the beautiful natural setting of the Cemetery. But it also publishes a series of short articles about different aspects of the history of the Cemetery and of those who are buried there.

Regular features include columns entitled ‘Who they were’ about interesting characters buried in the Cemetery, and ‘How others see the Cemetery’ which reproduces descriptions of visits there going back to the 18th century as well as present-day media articles and contemporary fiction. ‘Poets in the Cemetery’ is an occasional column that features poetry that has been inspired by this unusual place.

On this website we post the texts of all but the most recent issue of the Newsletter. The current issue is sent to Friends of the Cemetery, who support it by making an annual donation (see How You Can Help Us). Copies are also available in the Visitors’ Centre to anyone who wishes to take one.

The first three issues of the Newsletter were edited by the late Chris Huemer who was instrumental in setting up the Friends of the Non-Catholic Cemetery.

Nicholas Stanley-Price
Editor, Newsletter

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No. 1 Fall 2006

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