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NUMBERS 1-46 (2006-2019)

No.1 (2006)
Friends in need are friends indeed of the Cemetery!
Who they were: Alfred Strohl-Fern (1847-1921)
International ball benefits the Cemetery
Poets in the cemetery: For John Keats (by Jorie Graham)

No.2 (2007)
Horticulture at the Cemetery (by Duncan Thomas)
Who they were: Constance Fenimore Woolson (1840-1894) (by Laura Flusche)
Poets in the cemetery: La Vita (by Eduardo Cacciatore)

No.3 (2007)
An ancient craft, a true craftsman at the Cemetery (by Minny Augeri)
          [Interview with Luciano Salvatori, stone-carver]
Friends come to the aid of trees
Who they were: Inger Bang Lund (1876-1968) (by Ida Solange Bang Turola)
Weed & Read
A place to work, a treasure to discover (by Minny Augeri)
Poets in the Cemetery: the Elegies of August Wilhelm Schlegel (1767-1845) (excerpt)

No.4 (2008)
A new director brings a fresh perspective to the Cemetery
          [Interview with Amanda Thursfield by Chris Huemer]
Tree experts get to work: research on the health of the trees in the Non-Catholic Cemetery
          (by Gian Pietro Cantiani)
Who they were: Gladys Marion Popescu (1919-2000) (by Anka Serbu)
Poets in the Cemetery: Cimitero Acattolico di Roma (by Vicki Lowen)
Family day at the Cemetery
Weed & Read

No.5 (Autumn 2008)
A new guide to the Cemetery graves published!
The conservation and restoration of the funerary monuments (by Rita Galluccio)
Who they were: C.H.Darley, F.G.Prince and S.Spratt [T.E.Lawrence connection]
New President of the Assembly elected
New arrangements for garden maintenance
Guided tour of Cemetery for friends
Weed & Read
How others see the Cemetery: Corrado Augias and Christopher Woodward
Scientific collaboration with the University of Calabria

No.6 (Spring 2009)
The guidebook to the Cemetery [published by Johan Beck-Friis]
New book about the Cemetery and the Pyramid [published by Chiara Di Meo]
Who they were: The Fersen family of Imperial Russia (by Katherine A. Geffcken)
American guidebook project underway
Reception at the Norwegian Embassy
Donations from the Embassies
Weed & Read
Poets in the Cemetery: Two poems by B.R.Whiting
How others see the Cemetery: J. Beck-Friis and Sigrid Undset [from ‘Jenny’]

No.7 (Summer 2009)
An undervalued gem: the Cemetery’s chapel (by Amanda Thursfield)
Conservation: analysis of the Thomas Jefferson Page tomb (by Elisa Marasco)
Dangerous trees removed
Spectacular gilt medallion revealed
Service in memory of British pilots
Family Day; thanks
Who can be buried nowadays in the Cemetery?
Corrado Augias on DVD
How others see the Cemetery: Samuel Rogers and Sarah Duncan

No.8 (Autumn 2009)
Keeping it beautiful: an interview with Alessandro Babolin [by Amanda Thursfield]
Who they were: Charles Dudley Ryder (1806-1825) [and crew of H.M.S.Naiad]
German tombs restored (August Riedel, Josef von Kopf, and August de Molière)
In memoriam (Bruno Spinner, Craig Arnold)
How the Friends are helping
Music again in the chapel
Poets in the Cemetery: Wilhelm Waiblinger (from Gedichte aus Italien) (by Alexander Booth)
How others see the Cemetery: recent international press coverage

No.9 (Winter 2009)
Artists in the cemetery: their legacy continues
Who they were: Milena Pavlovic Barilli (1909-1945) (by Irina Subotič)
Prince Vladimir Drutskoj-Sokolonskij (1880-1943) (by Gamer Bautdinov)
The Mendelssohn Bartholdy connection
Spotlight on John Keats and Joseph Severn
Sponsor a new tree!
How others see the Cemetery: Paul Johann Ludwig von Heyse (by Ulrike al-Khamis)
The Newsletter as a source….

No.10 (Spring 2010)
Gramsci’s grave and Pasolini
Who they were: William Bang (1917-1989) (by Britt Baillie)
Honouring Sarah Parker Remond: an appeal
Poets in the Cemetery: In whose shadow? Pasolini, Gramsci and Shelley in the Non-Catholic
          Cemetery (by Alexander Booth)
Keeping it beautiful….despite snow and weevils

No.11 (Summer 2010)
Who they were: Johannes Takanen (1849-1885) (by Jaakko Liukkonen)
          Carl Michael Runeberg (1869-1871);
          Walter Fredrik Runeberg (1871-1872);
          Maria Christina Runeberg (1872-1873) (by Susanna Widjeskog)
          Johan Peter Bruun (1843-1865) (by Oddbjørn Sørmoen)
Volunteers needed
Restoration of the chapel’s stained glass
Ceremony at the Thomas Jefferson Page tomb
New website launched

No.12 (Autumn 2010)
Piranesi and the tomb of Macdonald
Who they were: Caroline Petigru Carson (1820-1892) (by Sharri Whiting)
          George Perkins Marsh (1801-1822) (by Peter Bridges)
Who is buried here? The Cemetery databases
How others see the Cemetery: Antal Szerb (1901-1945), Emilio Calderón, P.D.James

No.13 (Winter 2010)
“The only joyous cemetery I know of” [interview with the Director]
How others see the Cemetery: Clara Woolson Benedict (1844-1923)
Who they were: Max Gutmann (1885-1948); Lilì Gutmann (1873-1967); Toinon Gutmann (1976-1964)
          (by Elena Ceccarini)
In memoriam: Christina Huemer (1947-2010)
Russian and German help for tomb restoration (K.Briullov, J.H.W.Henzen)

No.14 (Spring 2011)
Riccione honours its benefactors: the Ceccarini tomb restored
Restoration of the Ceccarini tomb (by Gianfranco Malorgio)
Who they were: Giovanni Ceccarini (1823-1888) and Maria Boorman Wheeler Ceccarini (1839-1903)
          (by Giovanni Olivieri)
The Cemetery in the news
          Exhibition on Johann Christian Reinhart (1761-1847)
          Restoration of the tomb of R.M. Ballantyne (1825-1894)
          Views of the Cemetery in Pre-Raphaelite exhibition
          The open air museum of Testaccio
How others see the Cemetery: Vilhelm Lundström, Paul Elis Holmberg, Carl Rupert Nyblom and Emil
“The first woman artist”: or not?

No.15 (Summer 2011)
Rennell Rodd and the threat to Keats’ grave
Who they were: Hilde Bauer Lotz (1907-1999) and Wolfgang Lotz (1912-1981) (by Corinna Lotz and
          Irene Lotz)
News from the Cemetery
Ceremony for the restored Ceccarini tomb
The earliest woman painter: was it Eleonora Harboe?
A tree in memory of Chris Huemer
Guided tours
Tax-exempt status of the Cemetery for US residents

No.16 (Autumn 2011)
The Risorgimento and burial in the cemetery
Who they were: Richard Henry Dana, Jr (1815-1882) (by Peter Bridges)
The third benefactor: David Randall-MacIver
News from the Cemetery
          Farewell to Ambassador Bull and to Catherine Payling
          The volunteers complete five years’ service
How others see the Cemetery: Daisy Hay, Sebastian Faulks, Steve Burgess and Tom Rachman
“So sweet a place” film [and conferences in Paris, Vienna]

No.17 (Winter 2011)
Sculptors in the Cemetery: their legacy continues
          Story’s Angel of Grief in reproduction
          A sculpture by John Deare goes public
          Van Gogh and the Countess
          Frederic Crowninshield and the early work of Paul Manship (by Gertrude Wilmers)
How others see the Cemetery: Vernon Lee (1856-1935) (by Alexander Booth)
Who they were: Maria Chernysheva (1849-1919) and her relatives (by Gamer Bautdinov)

No.18 (Spring 2012)
ICCROM and the Getty restore six tombs
The re-discovered sculpture by Antonio Sciortino
Descendants and donors support conservation
Visits from other descendants
Garibaldini in the Cemetery – an addition
George Hoskins – the remorseful graffitist
New treasurer
Precious support from the Friends
Poets in the Cemetery: Juan Rodolfo Wilcock (by Alexander Booth)

No.19 (Summer 2012) Special issue on myths, mistakes and missing persons
          “Keats’ grave has the wrong date on it”
          “Shelley’s heart is buried in his grave”
          “The foreign embassies in Rome pay for the Cemetery”
          “Gramsci was buried here despite being a Italian and Catholic"
          “Story produced the Angel of Grief in less than nine months”
          “Rosa Bathurst drowned on March 14 (or March 11), 1824”
Who they were NOT: A.Hare, W.Wordsworth, S.Schliemann, H.C.Andersen, K.Lepsius
Missing persons: J.Deare, C.Hewetson, J.S.Bach, A.Kirsch, Daisy Miller, Jenny
News from the Cemetery (Family Day, Norwegian National Day, and SWEA-funded restoration of the
          Swedish National Tomb, and Ǻkerblad and Byström tombs)

No.20 (Autumn 2012)
An unknown view of the Shakhovskaya grave by Salomon Corrodi (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
A watercolour of the Scott monument (1838) in the Zona Vecchia (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Who they were: Julius de Montalant (1823-1878) (by Mary K. McGuigan),  Lars Leksell (1907-1986),
          Ludmila Leksell (1918-1965), George Soubotian (1887-1961), Eva Soubotian (1889-1987)
          (by Beatrice Leksell Clasaeus)
News from the cemetery: another palm tree removed

No.21 (Winter 2012) Special issue on the 18th century
The origins of the Protestant Cemetery in Rome (by Edward Corp)
New light on the Old Cemetery (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
          The oldest burial yet found: George Langton (d.1738)
          Graffiti with dates of 1774 on the Werpup monument
          The funerals of two young artists in 1787 and 1795
Who they were: Jacob More (1740-1793) (by Patricia Andrew)
How others see the Cemetery: J.C. Eustace, who visited in 1802
News from the Cemetery
          When did Corrodi paint the Schakovskaya grave?
          Pine trees under control
          Munich stonemasons lend a hand
          New President nominated for 2013
Index to the Friends’ Newsletters nos. 1-21

No.22 (Spring 2013)
Thomas Jefferson Page, a Confederate veteran in Florence and Rome
…and the story of Mrs. Page’s passport
A Protestant burial in Rome in 1720
Edvard Munch in Rome in 1927
Who was “The Baby”?
The T.E. Lawrence story – a descendant makes contact
Who they were: Nathaniel Cobb (1879-1932) (by Manse Batchelder)

No.23 (Summer 2013)
Still keeping it green: an interview with Il Trattore [by Amanda Thursfield]
Some tips for plants on graves
An amateur gardener’s year in the Cemetery (by Katy Menhinick)
Why do the trees have numbers on them?
How others see the Cemetery: George Stillman Hillard, 1853, and Axel Munthe, 1930
Who they were: Mary Elizabeth Chapman (1810-1874) (by John McGuigan)
Photos of the tombs now on our website!

No.24 (Autumn 2013)
The Cemetery after almost 300 years: a new look at its history [new book on the Cemetery]
Research by Christina Huemer on the Cemetery
News from the Protestant cemeteries in Venice and Livorno
Danish artists in Rome: Niels Ravnkilde (1823-1890) [work of Steen and Inge-Lise Neergaard]
News from the Cemetery
          Who was “PO 1875”? Another mystery solved
          Heather Munro (1944-2013)
How others see the Cemetery: Jules Margottin [visit of the English Garden Club, 1972]
Who they were: Mary Ellen Hingston (1846-1895) (by Jill Whitelaw)
Visit from the President of Venezuela

No.25 (Winter 2013) Artists in the Cemetery: two sculptors, four painters and the art dealer
          who loved Raphael

Dora Ohlfsen: Australian by birth, Italian at heart (by Steven Miller)
The ‘Amazon of sculpture’: a tomb by Félicie de Fauveau (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
A fin-de-siècle fantasy: the memorial to Friedrich Geselschap (by Samantha Matthews)
The painter William Pars and the funeral of ‘Mrs Pars’ (by Patricia Andrew)
J.L.Chapman’s painting (1862) of Sophia Howard’s grave (by John McGuigan, Jr)
A German artist and philanthropist in Rome: Charlotte Popert (by Dorothee Hock)
Niklaus Strunke: a Latvian Modernist painter in Italy (by Astra Šmite)
The man who loved Raphael: the art dealer Morris Moore (by Andy Russell and Amy Russell)

No.26 (Spring 2014)
The Garden Room: a new asset for events and visitors
An old photo and new light on John Gibson’s tomb (by John F. McGuigan, Jr)
Nicholas’ comment: identifying graves that have gone
Progress in conserving our monuments:
          ICCROM and the GCI return to the Zona Vecchia
          Germany supports tomb restoration
          Swiss help for J.J.Frey’s tomb
          Finally, Sarah Parker Remond is commemorated!
A free audit
New President elected

No.27 (Summer 2014)
Our monuments by Harriet Hosmer and Emma Stebbins
“Innocence is not enough.” The tragic death of Herbert Norman, Canadian diplomat
          (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
A Dutch artist’s funeral in 1846 (by Asker Pelgrom)
How to bury a non-Catholic on Catholic ground
The Cemetery in the media (again)
Poets in the Cemetery: Amelia Rosselli (by Alexander Booth)
Climate change and cemeteries

No.28 (Autumn 2014) Spotlight on Scandinavians
The bombing during WWII – an eyewitness account (by Åsa Rausing-Roos)
The Swedish sculptor Ruth Milles (by Åsa Rausing-Roos)
Helene Klaveness, a young Norwegian in Rome (by Oddbjørn Sørmoen)
Helene’s grave: the Undset connection
The restless Swedish painter Gotthard Werner (by Per Eriksson)
Open-air poetry and music performances

No.29 (Winter 2014)
November commemorations in the sunshine
Ups and downs in the Garden
Renovation around the graves of Keats and Severn
A tribute to Keats [tattoo]
Focus on the Pyramid of Caius Cestius (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
          The pyramid struck by lightning….and (almost) struck by bombs in 1944
           ….and now it looks white again.
Who they were: A Japanese diplomat in Rome in the 1870s (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
          “Daughter of a king”: Hedwig Rosamunde Magnus (by Louise Wright)
          A pioneer Canadian photographer in the catacombs: Charles Smeaton (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
New light on some monuments
          From Bologna to Rome: the transfer of the Ceccarini monument
          The light that dies. Torches lit and extinguished in the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome (by María
               Victoria Álvarez Rodríguez)
          Not only restoration but maintenance too
Edvard Munch’s visit to Rome in 1927 (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)

No.30 (Spring 2015)
From Boston to Rome: the two lives of Samuel Abbott (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Ireland joins the Association
Three early Irish burials (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Who they were: Mirdza Kalnins Capanna, Latvian ballerina (by Astra Šmite),
          the painter Sally von Kügelgen (1860-1928) (by Dorothee Hock)
New President elected
New index to Friends’ Newsletters 1-30

No.31 (Summer 2015)
At the foot of the Pyramid. 300 years of the Cemetery for Foreigners in Rome. An exhibition to celebrate
          our 300th anniversary (22 September to 13 November 2016)
The Family Day
Benjamin Spence’s memorial to Devereux Cockburn (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Cowboys and camels at the Pyramid
Who they were: An Australian in Rome: John “Peter” Mosman Harrison (by Ian Daymond)
          Carl Möller, Swedish architect (by Åsa Rausing-Roos)
News from the Cemetery (International Rose Competition)

No.32 (Autumn 2015)
The grave of Goethe and the Bertel Thorvaldsen medallion(s) (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
The classical beauty of an artist’s monument: Lawrence Macdonald (by Sandro Campos Matos)
A brief history of the de Wouytch (Vuich) family (by Count Dimitri Wouytch)
News from the Cemetery
          In Memoriam: Julian Kliemann (1949-2015)
          Art exhibition in the Garden Room
          Shelley the Snake: an evening of readings
          How others see the Cemetery: a bird’s eye-view
          New book about the Cemetery well received

No.33 (Winter 2015)
Our 300th anniversary year starts!
More tombs restored, thanks to donors and partners
The Wedekind family in Italy: businessman and art patron (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Poets in the Cemetery (1): “The Errant Bard” and the Caffè Greco (by Maria Cristina Crespo)
Poets in the Cemetery (2): Dario Bellezza (by Alexander Booth)
News from the Cemetery
          The Friends’ Newsletter
          Tax exemptions for donations
          Oscar Wilde in the Chapel
          Member of ASCE

No.34 (Spring 2016)
Six painters in Rome
Folke Arnander, young Swedish diplomat (by Åsa Rausing-Roos)
Victor Hoving, Finnish businessman and art patron (by Liisa Lindgren)
News from another ‘English’ cemetery [Bagni di Lucca]
How to maintain a family tomb (since 1868) Gustav von Adelson, a bon vivant in Rome
          (by Claus A. Hensel)
New President

No.35 (Summer 2016) Special souvenir issue for the 300th anniversary
300 years later: an interview with Amanda Thursfield
Artists and the cemetery: some new discoveries
          1716. The first recorded burial: William Arthur from Edinburgh
          1738. Burials ‘at the foot of the Pyramid’
          1767. A newly discovered illustration of an early burial at the Pyramid
          1808. An unknown tomb design by Bertel Thorvaldsen
          1822. The first enclosure of the Old Cemetery
          1830. Dating the cypress trees beside Goethe’s tomb
          1844. Bertie Bertie-Mathew’s death while hunting in the campagna
          [1870]. How to find the grave of Christian Holm
          1925. Kurt Hielscher’s photo of the ‘Garden Room’
          1928. The uniformed pall-bearers

No.36 (Autumn 2016)
Our 300th anniversary exhibition opens!
A puzzling photo by John Deakin (by Paul Rousseau and Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Francis Bowler Keene, U.S. consul-general in Rome (by Francis Chute)
In memoriam: Sebastian P.Q. Rahtz (1955-2016)
          Antonio Menniti Ippolito († 2016)
Anglican Church in Rome celebrates 200 years of worship
Poets in the Cemetery: Jarl Hemmer (translation by Alan Crozier)
News from the Cemetery
          Restoration of tombs
          Readings from George Eliot
          Press and publicity
          Correction to Newsletter 35

No.37 (Winter 2016)
On to the next 300 years! [Tercentenary exhibition]
Henrietta Hester Barrett, a young victim of tuberculosis (by Alyson Price)
The shipwrecked sailors from Tug Boat A.S.84 (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Poets in the Cemetery: Charles Wright (by Alexander Booth)
New members of the Advisory Committee

No.38 (Spring 2017)
A new Angel of Grief in Mississippi
Geselschap’s astonishing memorial: a descendant contacts us (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Sarah Parker Remond and her family in Rome (by Sirpa Salenius)
Wolfgang Helbig, archaeologist and antique dealer (by Simo Örmä)
How others see the Cemetery: Augusto Jandolo
News from the Cemetery: safer access

No.39 (Summer 2017)
New discoveries:
          1. Regina Katherine Carey: the earliest woman painter?
          2. The antiquary Colin Morison and picture-dealer James Irvine (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
The Bildts: a Swedish family in Rome (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
How others see the Cemetery: Eleanor Clark’s Rome and a Villa
Visiting the grave of Antonio Gramsci
Praise for our 300th anniversary exhibition

No.40 (Autumn 2017)
Bono and Patti Smith pay their respects (separately)
Summer events at the Cemetery
Who they were: Alexander Kirk, former American ambassador in Italy (by Peter Bridges)
          The Kirk tomb – an unrecorded work (1936) by Ettore Rossi (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
          Hans Barth, provocative journalist in Rome (by Dorothee Hock)
Poets in the Cemetery:
          Spirt in water: a reflection on the tombstone of Gregory Corso (by Arendt Speser)

No.41 (Winter 2017)
Hendrik Voogd, Dutch landscape painter (by Herbert J. Hijmersma)
A posthumous portrait of Devereux Cockburn
Who they were: Captain Richard Butcher and the Papal State’s steamships (by Katrina Butcher
          with Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Trees and plants in the garden: a botanist investigates. The sago ‘palms’ (by Giuliano Russini and
          Nicholas Stanley-Price)
The Cemetery in modern fiction
Poets in the Cemetery: At Keats’s grave (by Michael Coy)

No.42 (Spring 2018)
Unexpected, but welcome, visitors (James Cockburn, Koichiro and Nobuko Kawase)
Commemorating Henry Piggott, Wesleyan Methodist missionary
Using eco-friendly biocides
The Pyramid floodlit
Who they were:
    Georg August Spangenberg, army doctor and art collector (by Annemarie Störk)
    The sad end of Mary Ludlum Cass (by Domenico Rotella)
Trees and plants in the garden:
    a botanist investigates (no. 2): the colourful Lantana (by Giuliano Russini and Nicholas Stanley-Price)

No.43 (Summer 2018)
Interview with Amanda Thursfield
New discoveries:
    Thomas Crawford’s monument (1841) to Francis Kinloch (by Alexander Moore)
    Four albumen photographs of the Cemetery by the Scottish photographer Robert Macpherson, 1864,
    (by John F. McGuigan Jr and Nicholas Stanley-Price)
    The “Gurlitt: Status Report” reveals a unique painting by Louis Gurlitt (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
News from the Cemetery:
    Pruning of the pine trees…by chance, just before the snow came
    Hand-engraving of inscriptions
    The cats get their own book
Who they really were:
    J. N. Byström, Swedish sculptor and house-builder in Rome (by Annette Landen)
    The man who invented ‘Landscape architecture’: Gilbert Laing Meason
    Jacques Auquier, a French silk-worker from Uzès (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)

No.44 (Autumn 2018)
How others see the Cemetery:
    The view of a concession-holder (by Sandra Seagram Annovazzi)
    The view of a volunteer (by Rita Stivali)
    Recent comments from the Visitors’ Book
News from the Cemetery:
    John Addington Symonds and Victorian Italy (by Stefano Evangelista)
    The funeral and grave of John Addington Symonds (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Trees and plants in the garden:
    a botanist investigates (no. 3): the ‘Umbrella pine (by Giuliano Russini and Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Who they were: Shakspere Wood, sculptor and author (by Peter Hutchinson)

No.45 (Winter 2018)
The graves of Jules de Guimps and Mary Livingston – fact or fiction? (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
The NASDAR supports restoration
The untimely death of Jacob L. Martin, first accredited U.S. diplomat in Rome
   (by Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Who they were:
    Paul des Granges, a pioneer photographer (by Paul Pasieka)
    Jane Gallatin Powers, artist and co-founder of Carmel-by-the-Sea (by Erin Lee Gafill)

No.46 (Spring 2019)
The spectacular tomb of Maria Obolenskaya restored (by Natalia Primakova)
Who they were:
    Ernst Hohenemser – a German writer and aphorist (by Dorothee Hock)
    John Rangeley – inventor, engineer, entrepreneur (by Sue Rangeley and Jane Rangeley)
Trees and plants in the garden: a botanist investigates (no. 4): the acanthus (by Giuliano Russini and
Nicholas Stanley-Price)
Looking after the trees

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