Media about the Non-Catholic Cemetery

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Su questa terra: a poetic documentary by Giuseppe Cederna,
February 19, 2021

Writ in Water: John Keats and The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome: with Nicholas Stanley-Price
The Keats-Shelley Prize Podcast talks to Nicholas Stanley-Price about the 300-year history of the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome. The Keats-Shelley Podcast hosted by James Kidd

L'Ambasciatore al Cimitero Acattolico di Roma
The German Ambassador to Italy Viktor Elbling pays a visit to the Non-Catholic Cemetery
Facebook, November 2019

Cimitero acattolico, chi non vorrebbe riposare qui?
Patrizio Pavone
In Libertà, 10 luglio 2019

Sweet Sorrows: Rome’s Non-Catholic Cemetery
Mary Wilsey
Wanted in Rome, the English Language Magazine in Rome,
March 2020

"Im Bannkreis der Pyramide"
Der Friedhof der Dichter und Künstler in Rom gilt als eine der weltweit stimmungsvollsten Begräbnisstätten.
Von Sigrid Mölck-Del Giudice
Wiener Zeitung 21, Feuilleton, 30 Oktober 2019

Vieni via con me
Rai Radio, Puntata del 26/01/2019 MP3 audio -Italian only

"A Cemetery of Their Own"
For visitors to Rome, a city famous throughout the world for its great art and architecture, a cemetery normally wouldn’t be high on the list of places to visit. But this cemetery is unique.
Judith Anne Testa
Fra Noi, August 2018

“Where Keats and Shelley lie. The Protestant cemetery at Rome in art and history”
A public lecture by Nicholas Stanley-Price at the Society of Antiquaries in London, 17 April 2018

Lika i döden
På kyrkogården Cimitero Acattolico i Rom vilar främlingarna sida vid sida. Hur vi begraver våra döda säger något viktigt om ett samhälle. [At the cemetery Cimitero Acattolico in Rome rest strangers side by side. How we bury our dead says something important about a society.]
Eva Nylander
Sydsvenskan, Kultur 5 mars 2017 08:00 [PDF] [online]

Quel cimitero non è un camposanto
Nell'acattolico alla piramide ci sono 4.000 anime: tra i famosi Gramsci, Gadda, Keats e Shelley.
Fabio Isman
Il Messaggero [stampa]
Cronaca di Roma, Roma Segrata, 17 Luglio 2016

A beautiful place to die: Italy and the Romantic poets
There has never been a better time to make the pilgrimage to Keats’s grave. An article from the UK magazine” “The Spectator”
Thomas Marks
The Spectator, 28.5.2016

Cimitero Acattolico di Roma: Da 300 anni all'ombra della piramide
Un'intervista sul Cimitero a Nicholas Stanley-Price, accompagnata da foto e pubblicata in una nuova rivista online dedicata ai beni culturali.
The secret mix
Archeostorie magazine, 5 aprile 2016

The Ghetto Inglese
Programme about the English in Rome, including an interview with Nicholas Stanley-Price on the Cemetery.
Matthew Kneale
BBC Radio 4, 25 May 2015. Listen here (30 minutes)

Rome, Italy: Welcome to the world's prettiest graveyard
This pretty serene place brims with fascinating stories. An article from the Australian newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald.
Steve Meacham, 8.4.2016

RepTv News, Invisibili: the poeple behind the lives of others
Il cimitero acattolico di Roma nasce nel '700, quando il Papa vieta ai non cattolici di essere sepolti in terra consacrata. Da allora, ospita alcune delle tombe più illustri degli stranieri mai vissuti nella capitale.
RepTv News, il magazine quotidiano di Repubblica Tv, 3 marzo 2015

Le pietre di Gramsci, a documentary
Directed by Paolo Brogi and David Riondino, photography and editing Raffaele Rago

Una passeggiata per il Cimitero Acattolico di Roma
One of a series of articles about Rome (in Japanese)
Fumio Matsunaga  松永 文夫
Biblioteca Italiana Nuova Serie 51 (2014), Tokyo

Rome, Italy: a literary tour of the Romantic poets
A tour of literary Rome revisits the lives of English Romantic poets John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley, who are both buried in the city's Non-Catholic Cemetery.
David Whitley, 16 Oct 2014 at 1:15 PM

The Director Amanda Thursfield talks to the Catholic News Agency
Rome's Non-Catholic Cemetery is also a resting place for the living.
Constance C.E. Duncan
Catholic News Service, VATICAN LETTER 11 Sept 2014

Sarah Parker Remond: An African American Woman in
19th century Europe

Records of the burial of Sarah Parker Remond, abolitionist, physician, and daughter of the most prominent African American family in Salem, Massachusetts are found at the Cemetery.
Marilyn Richardson
Wellesley Centers for Women, Women = Books Blog

The Telegraph’s Secret Rome: lesser known places to visit
That Keats and Shelley should be buried in this lovely place beneath the shadow of Rome's only pyramid is particularly fitting: the cemetery is hopelessly romantic.
Lee Marshall
Telegraph | Travel, 11:03AM GMT 30 Jan 2014

Da Keats a Morrison, andar per sepolcri
Nel 2013 45mila visite ai cimiteri storici, possono essere
7 milioni. | Foto, 21 Maggio 2014, 20:48

Richard Hodges Travels to Rome's Non-Catholic Cemetery
The archaeologist Richard Hodges captures the atmosphere well after a tour of the Cemetery.
Current World Archaeology 65 (2014)

BBC Radio 4, From our own correspondent, End of an Era
On one of Rome's holiest weekends of the year, Alan Johnston has been to a non-Roman Catholic corner of the eternal city which enchanted the poets Keats and Shelley.
Alan Johnston
BBC radio, 19 April 2014

An article from the online magazine of the Catholic News Agency
Zenit: il mondo visto da Roma Roma,
02 Novembre 2013 ( Federico Cenci

Financial Times correspondence
Nicholas Stanley-Price clarifies the historical record of Keats' Italian residency and solves the mystery of the purple flowers.
Financial Times | 30 August,13 September, 20 September 2013
Corriere della Sera | 22.9.2013

Alla scoperta del cimitero acattolico
Romauno TV Romauno
a cura di Filippo Bellantoni

Resting place of Protestant ‘renegades’ is 300-year-old gift of religious tolerance
Research published by The Times shows that the cemetery is not only older than previously thought, but was also established with the explicit approval of the Pope.
James Bone
The Times | 28.12.2012

Le Cimitero Acattolico, un havre de paix
In the shadow of the pyramid of Caius Cestius, a haven of peace for the dead ... and the living.
Daniel Psenny
LE MONDE | 30.05.2012

Le ceneri di Gramsci
An article from the Italian website “Il sentimento dei Luoghi” by the journalist Manuela Cavalieri on the visit by the students of the Liceo Kant (Rome) with Gianni Pitella, Vice President of the European Parliament, to the tomb of Gramsci.
Il sentimento dei Luoghi, sabato, 31 Marzo 2012 11:24

"So Sweet a Place"
A film made for the Cemetery in 2009 by the noted American filmmaker Ira Meistrich for the Non-Catholic Cemetery.

Beauty at Death's Door
Famous figures of history lie in one of the Eternal City's most remarkable cemeteries.
Desmond O'Grady.
Sydney Morning Herald,, 31 July 2011

Alessandro Rubinetti intervistato dal TGR del Lazio
YouTube 16.07.2011, ediz. ore 14

Romantic cemeteries, from Georgia to Rome
Whether in Savannah or Rome, spend an afternoon at the world's most entrancing, mystical graveyards., Atlanta Travel Examiner, 15 July 2011

Restaurata la tomba dei Ceccarini
The Ceccarini Tomb is restored

La Famija arciunesa, May 2011

World's Most Haunting Cemeteries
This cemetery in Rome seems to cast a spell over visitors — Percy Bysshe Shelley was so taken by its eerie beauty that he extolled its merits in a poem and was later laid to rest here.

Cimiteri, per i viaggiatori di TripAdvisor a Roma due fra i più belli d'Europa
La top ten europea dei 'sepolcri', stilata dalla community del sito di viaggi vede la Capitale occupare ben due posti.
la Repubblica, 20/10/2010

36 Hours in Rome
Rome has welcomed some new sparkle.  A modern take on the Eternal City.
Rachel Donadio
The New York Times, 6/10/2010

Legion of the dead in Rome
Harry Eyres
Financial Times, 16/4/2010 23:20

So Sweet a Resting Place
The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome is both a place of pilgrimage and an active burial ground.
Margaret Stenhouse
Wanted in Rome, 28/10/2009